Rizzuto crime family

The family territory covers most of southern Quebec and Ontario. The FBI considers the family connected to the Bonanno crime familybut the Canadian law enforcement considers it a separate crime family. The Rizzuto family was part of the powerful Montreal Cotroni decina until an internal war broke out and the Rizzutos formed their own organization.

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In the s an internal war broke out in the Cotroni crime family between the Sicilian and Calabrian factions. This led to a violent Mafia war in Montreal leading to the deaths of Paolo Violi who was acting capo and underboss for Vic Cotroni and others in the late s.

The war ended when the Sicilian faction took control over the Montreal underworld with the blessing of the Bonanno crime family. Until recently, the family was considered the strongest crime family in Canada. Their leader is Vito Rizzutothe son of Nicolo Rizzuto. Vito Rizzuto's leadership. Vito Rizzuto's style of business was a striking contrast to flamboyant American Mafia bosses like John Gotti. He remained the most powerful man in Canada, and the undisputed king of Canada's criminal underworld by keeping a low profile, working only with trusted people close to the family, and spreading the extraordinarily enormous wealth and power around.

Vito Rizzuto ruled the Canadian underworld with an iron fist, and Vito Rizzuto displayed a large degree of his astonishing power to Canadian law enforcement officials by ordering the Hells Angels and the Rock Machine Motorcycle Clubs in Quebec to end the deadly war amongst each other, thus, both the Hells Angels and the Rock Machine's ended the war with each other and declared a truce, knowing that they were absolutely no match for Canada's most powerful and dangerous crime lord or his massive army of highly skilled assassins and vicious killers, and they knew that they wouldn't of stood a chance against Rizzuto's gigantic criminal organization of over 50, foot soldiers.

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Thus, both groups made peace with one another on Rizzuto's orders, and began working with each other. Canadian law enforcement officials were flabbergasted after hearing about Rizzuto ordering two powerful criminal gangs to make peace and end their war with one another. Vito Rizzuto transformed the Rizzuto crime family from a nationwide criminal organization into a multi-billion dollar international organized crime empire that had branches all over North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Rizzuto had strong alliances and relationships with several Italian, Italian-American and Sicilian organized crime syndicates, he had long-standing ties and a powerful relationship with the Sicilian Mafia'NdranghetaCamorraSacra Corona Unitaand American Mafiahe worked primarily with the the Five Families of New York, Chicago OutfitPhiladelphia crime familyDeCavalcante crime familyTrafficante crime familyNew Orleans crime familyBuffalo crime family and the Bufalino crime family.

Rizzuto was the mediator who oversaw the peace with the Hells Angels, the Mafia, street gangs, Colombian cartels and the Irish mobs such as the West End Gang when the order of the day was co-operation. The Rizzuto family had long been considered a part of and major ally of the Bonanno family until the murder of Gerlando Sciascia. The Rizzuto family viewed the killing of one of their own as betrayal and its believed they broke away from any major connections to the New York mob refusing to pay any more tribute after the incident.

After consolidation of their power in the s, the Rizzutos became over-exposed and over-extended. Vito Rizzuto was arrested in January for his involvement in the gangland killings of three rival Bonanno crime family captains Alphonse IndelicatoPhilip Giaccone and Dominick Trinchera and was sentenced to ten years in May In November the senior leadership of the criminal organization was hit by a police operation, dubbed Project Colisee.

While Rizzuto was in prison, Salvatore Montagnathe former acting boss of the Bonanno family until his deportation to Canada inattempted to reorganize both families under his control. This rival faction was reportedly backed by the Ndrangheta in an attempt to take over the drug trade in Canada.The Rizzuto crime family has seemingly been on the losing end of a long-running Montreal mafia war.

The organized crime family lost several high ranking mobsters over the last few years including longtime godfather Vito Rizzuto. But the rumored demise of the Sicilian based Rizzuto clan may have been somewhat premature. The Sicilians are deeply entrenched in the Montreal underworld and the Rizzuto family seems to have weathered to the storm so to say at least to some extent.

Could the family find a way to stabilize and remain a force within the changing Montreal mafia scene? Leonardo Rizzuto and Stefano Sollecito were allegedly part of a new Rizzuto leadership group when they were arrested back in They were both facing gangsterism charges although a recent ruling by the Crown as led to those charges being dropped. The court ruled that authorities used illegal wiretaps and their investigation was flawed and negligent as reported here previously.

rizzuto crime family

Liborio Cuntrera another highly regarded member was also able to beat cocaine trafficking charges was also part of the same leadership group although his current involvement is uncertain.

Leonardo also has some legal challenges remaining as he is still charged with cocaine and gun possession. And Stefano continues his battle with cancer which has been ongoing for a couple of years now. Former RCMP intelligence analyst and author of highly respected organized crime books Pierre de Champlain had an interesting take in a previous Montreal Gazette report. He is a different personality. Another gangster who could also be in play is recently released Francesco Arcadi.

Arcadi was once close to former boss Vito Rizzuto and was at one time the acting boss of the family. He has been in and out of prison during the mafia war in part for his own safety. He was seen as a likely target during the height of the conflict and was sent back to prison after his release for his own protection.

But now that things have seemingly settled he has once again been released although he maintains that he now wants to live the quiet life with his family. While that may be the case if he would decide to re-enter the mix he could potentially gather some support. Not to mention other players currently on the streets that have yet to emerge and made their way onto our radar. We know an internal faction that included Raynald Desjardins and Salvatore Montagna made a move to take control of the family while Vito was in a U.

That alliance quickly disintegrated which led to the murder of Montagna. There has always been speculation that this faction and perhaps others were backed by the Calabrian mafia also known as the Ndrangheta. The violence and tensions between the warring factions have all but come to an end or at least quieted for now. This has lead to questions of a potential truce and even bigger questions about the landscape of organized crime in Montreal going forward.

Vito successfully turned the Rizzuto clan into a powerhouse with his charm and knack for forming trustful and profitable alliances with other groups.They are sometimes referred to as the Sixth Family. Sicilian immigrant from Cattolica EracleaNicolo Rizzuto established the organization in the s as part of the Sicilian faction of the Montreal Cotroni crime family.

An internal war broke out by the late s which resulted in the death of acting captain Paolo Violi and his brothers, allowing the Rizzutos to overtake the Cotronis as the preeminent crime family in Montreal. Rizzuto's son Vito Rizzuto was indicted in and imprisoned from until for murders in which he participated incausing a power struggle among criminals in Montreal.

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During Vito's imprisonment, his son Nicolo Jr. Upon Vito's release, several people were killed in what was suspected to be retaliation for the murders of his family. Vito died of natural causes inand the head of the Mafia in Montreal is now assumed to be his son Leonardo. In the s, Rizzuto was an underling in the Sicilian faction, led by Luigi Greco until his death in[6] [7] of the Calabrian Cotroni crime family.

As tension then grew into a power struggle between the Calabrian and Sicilian factions of the family, a mob war began in But the peace talks failed, and most of the Rizzuto family fled to Venezuela.

Musitano crime family

Nicolo's son, Vitolater followed him into the Mafia. He kept a low profile, working only with trusted people close to the family. Rizzuto was the mediator who oversaw the peace among the Hells Angels, the Mafia, street gangs, Colombian cartels, and the Irish mobs such as the West End Gang.

According to the book The Sixth Family :. The territory under its control is huge—more than a million square miles of Quebec and Ontario directly fall under its influence, an area larger than one-quarter the size of the entire United States. It includes major cities, the busiest border crossings between the U.

Where American Mafia bosses controlled criminal activity in portions of a city or a New York borough or the criminal activity in an industrial or commercial sector—such as construction or New York's garment district—the Sixth Family was an enterprise with a true global reach.

The Sixth Family had outpaced any crew in the Bonanno Family and, indeed, man-for-man, dollar-for-dollar, had eclipsed the family as a whole. Those who merely do business with the Sixth Family or work with them in short-term ventures are not included in this.

Neither, generally, are the businessmen who do mostly non-criminal favors for the organization. After consolidation of their power in the s, the Rizzutos became over-exposed and over-extended. Vito Rizzuto was arrested on January 20,in Montreal, for his involvement in the May 5, gangland killings of three rival Bonanno crime family captains Alphonse IndelicatoPhilip Giaccone and Dominick Trinchera and was sentenced to a year prison sentence on May 4, Lorenzo Giordano, a loyalist to Francesco Arcadi, shoots convicted heroin dealer Javal Mohammad Novarian in the groin on April 18, Ina kilogram shipment of a total 1, kilograms of cocaine, co-organized by Rizzuto family confidant, Francesco Del Balso and West End Gang member, Richard Griffin, was intercepted in Boucherville, Quebec by police.

On September 7—12,year old Francesco "Frank" Velenosi, an associate of capo Francesco Arcadi, was found stabbed to death in the trunk of his Volvo car.

Rizzuto family remains in control as the Bloody Montreal Mafia War comes to an end

He was serving 3 years imprisonment since February for his role in a drug conspiracy. Alevizos, 6ft6 and weighing over pounds, was shot in the back and abdomen and was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. He was forced into a minivan and his car was later found in flames in Montreal.

Inhe and Giuseppe De Vito robbed a liquor truck. He pleaded guilty to possessing stolen goods and received a day sentence. On January 16,year old Sam Fasulo was shot and killed, a convicted heroin and crack-cocaine dealer, who had close ties to Francesco Arcadi.

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Fasulo was shot several times as he drove his SUV in North Montreal and died in hospital two days later from his wounds. Calabrese mobsters led by the old Cotroni family were among the suspects for the murders of Rizzuto crime family members.

Salvatore Montagnathe acting boss of the Bonanno family until his deportation to Canada inwas believed to be attempting to reorganize both families under his control; [51] however, he was murdered in November Colapelle allegedly served as a double-agent for Raynald Desjardins and was spying on Salvatore Montagna by mid On May 4,year old Giuseppe "Joe" Renda is kidnapped and never seen alive again.

rizzuto crime family

His murder was verified as Montreal's 33rd homicide in Cordileone's murder was possibly the result of his association with Giuseppe De Vito and the Cotroni crime family. On May 8,year old Juan "Joe Bravo" Fernandez and his associate year old Fernando Pimentel, considered neutral in the Rizzuto war, were both found murdered in a garbage dump in Casteldaccia, Palermohis body was burnt and riddled with over 30 bullets.

Law enforcement considered the hit to be ordered by Vito Rizzuto.Rizzuto is a crime family which is based on Montreal, Quebec. The FBI often considers the Rizzuto family to be linked to the famous Bonnano Crime family tree but according to the Canadian law enforcement, both the families are separate and have no link.

Is 'Bad Blood' Based On A True Story? The Rizzuto Family Ran The Real Montreal Mafia

Within this mafia or criminal family, there is a certain hierarchy structure that is followed. According to this structure, the head of the family or the leader is given the title of the Boss and it is the boss who takes the major decisions.

He also holds the maximum responsibility and works with the help of subordinate workers or family members. Vito Rizzuto was the Boss of the Rizzuto mafia family and was the person who took all the major decisions.

He held the maximum power and no one could go against his say.

​Latest Montreal Mob Hit May Have Buried the Rizzuto Family for Good

He only worked with people who were close to him. Under the Boss came the Underboss who too held a position of importance and was the second in command in the Rizzuto crime family. He reported directly to the boss and took many of the important decisions. The consigliere was another person who directly reported to the Boss and was the one who handled the major tasks and crimes in Canada without knowing to Canadian Police.

He worked as per the instructions of the Boss but had the power to take his own as well. Nicolo Rizzuto served as the Consigliere under Vito Rizzuto. The Captains and the Lieutenants came next to the underboss and the consigliere and each of them was given a different division or department to handle and work on.

These people reported to the Underboss and in some cases, even the boss. Under the captains and lieutenants came the Soldiers who helped the others in their tasks and executed tasks as ordered by the captains or underbosses. There are many who worked as soldiers in the Rizzuto crime family and some of them included Antonio Marabella, Francesco Cotroni Jr. Hierarchy Structure. Rizzuto Crime Family Hierarchy was last modified: November 30th, by hierarchystructure.

Dimeo Crime Family Hierarchy. Bonanno Family Hierarchy. Gandhi Family Hierarchy.Rocco Sollecito was gunned down in his SUV this morning. The Canadian Press. This morning's murder of well-known mobster Rocco Sollecito may very well signal the death of the Montreal Mafia. According to a couple of experts on the city's Italian organized crime scene, the assassination of the year-old Sollecito is the latest twist in a generational war, with an emerging leadership group looking to oust and eliminate the old guard.

But first, the facts:. It's believed his killer was waiting for him at a bus stop just half a kilometre from the Laval police headquarters. Sollecito was pronounced dead at the hospital. Witnesses told a TVA reporter they heard as many as eight gunshots. Laval police were quick to characterize the nature of the shooting. It was a mob hit," a spokesman for the force told CBC.

Sollecito's is the latest in a string of murders that has claimed a number of members of the Montreal Mafia in recent years. Most are linked to the fallout of the death of Mafia patriarch Vito Rizzuto at the end of Read more: Who is Running the Mob in Montreal?

According to author Pierre de Champlain, who was a civilian analyst for the RCMP, Sollecito is just the latest victim of a transition of leadership, Mafia-style. Sollecito was staunchly of the old guard. A senior member of the Rizzuto leadership core who was close to both Vito Rizzuto and his father Nicolo, Sollecito also acted as a close advisor to his son Stefano Sollecito, who, along with Vito Rizzuto's son Leonardo, inherited the leadership mantle after Vito's passing.

He is also believed to have overseen a large illegal gambling and bookmaking empire. De Champlain says he has files on the senior Sollecito dating back to the early 80s, as he began rising through the ranks alongside Vito. For decades, Sollecito was at the heart of a very successful criminal enterprise, one believed to have made vast amounts of cash on everything from construction to the import and distribution of narcotics via Montreal's port.

At the height of the Rizzuto clan's power, in the s and s, the family was run first by Nick Rizzuto and then by his son and heir Vito. The family's fortunes changed in the middle of the previous decade. Vito Rizzuto was extradited to the US in and spent time in prison on charges relating to a triple murder in In his absence, his organization began to crack.

Several members of his family, including his father and son, were murdered.

rizzuto crime family

Other allies turned up dead or went missing. Shortly after Vito was released and deported to Canada ina number of murders followed, believed to be in retaliation for the liberties taken against his family. But Vito's second reign did not last. He died of cancer just over a year after his return.But the drama-filled….

The bloody Montreal Mafia War has definitely taken a toll but the mighty Rizzuto crime family has not only survived…. Alleged Mafia enforcer Antonio Fiorda has been identified as the victim in the targeted hit near Sherway Gardens in…. Andrew Scoppa an alleged leader in the Montreal Mafia was gunned down this morning in the parking lot of….

Jonathan Massari along with two other men and a woman have been arrested for four murders including those of…. Paolo Caputo was gunned down outside of his restaurant in broad daylight in what may be another mafia hit.

rizzuto crime family

According to reports alleged Musitano crime family associate Jason Lalonde was shot multiple times in a targeted hit. Alessandro Sucapane has been released from the halfway house where he has spent the last six months after being…. As the bloody fight for control of the Montreal mafia rages on the city of Laval has decided its….

Salvatore Scoppa an influential member of the Montreal mafia was shot to death at the Sheraton Laval Hotel according…. Hamilton mobster Natale Luppino is now at the center of a developing case into a violent home invasion that…. By The New Boss March 4, But the drama-filled… Read More.

The bloody Montreal Mafia War has definitely taken a toll but the mighty Rizzuto crime family has not only survived… Read More.

Andrew Scoppa an alleged leader in the Montreal Mafia was gunned down this morning in the parking lot of… Read More. Jonathan Massari along with two other men and a woman have been arrested for four murders including those of… Read More. The… Read More. Alessandro Sucapane has been released from the halfway house where he has spent the last six months after being… Read More. As the bloody fight for control of the Montreal mafia rages on the city of Laval has decided its… Read More. Canadian Mafia Pat Musitano survived but can the Musitano crime family do the same?

By TheBoss May 10, Hamilton mobster Natale Luppino is now at the center of a developing case into a violent home invasion that… Read More.Angelo Musitano founded the Musitano family in Canada in the s, and is one of three centralized Mafia organizations in Hamilton, with the other two being the Luppino crime family and the Papalia crime family. The killings of Johnny Papalia and his lieutenant Carmen Barillaro inordered by brothers Angelo and Pat Musitano, had effectively wiped out the family's remaining leaders in Canada.

A power struggle within the Hamilton mafia has been the result of several attempts made on Pat's life in the s, and Angelo being killed in InAngelo Musitano, who was also known as the "Beast of Delianova", fled illegally from DelianuovaItaly to Canada, after killing his sister Rosa, after he believed she had disgraced the family by becoming pregnant out of wedlock; he lived under the name of Jim D'Augustino upon landing in Canada.

InDominic Musitano, owner of a Hamilton haulage company, Rocco Luppino, and Angelo Natale, president of the Ontario Haulers Association, were charged with conspiracy to commit extortion after police uncovered a protection racket on Ontario's independent trucking industry; after a five-year legal battle, they were acquitted in In JanuaryTony was sentenced to 15 years in prison for bombing a number of businesses in Hamilton, including bakeries.

On the night of December 10,Racco got into a car in front of his Mississauga apartment with Rankin, Dominic Musitano and Peter Majeste, thinking it was to discuss potential drug trade — the night he was taken to a railway track and killed.

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Dominic Musitano received six years for being an accessory after the fact to murder. Tony Musitano, already in prison on the bombing charges, was sentenced to 12 years concurrently, Avignone got five years and Rankin was sentenced to 12 years, all three pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit murder.

Also later inthe family was accused of ordering the mob hits of Johnny Papaliato whom the Musitanos owed money, and Papalia's right-hand man, Carmen Barillaro. Pat was convinced that Barillaro would target him in retribution for the Papalia killing, so he and Murdock acted first. In Februarythe Musitano brothers were sentenced to 10 years for conspiracy in the murder of Barillaro in a plea bargain arrangement. He was held in the minimum security Frontenac Institution until June when the parole board decided not to return him to prison.

Since the brothers' release, the police had little involvement with the family for some years. On May 2,Angelo Musitano was shot dead in his truck in the driveway of his home in Waterdown, Ontario in broad daylight at the age of The vehicle was later found abandoned; it had been stolen previously.

On January 11,investigations into Angelo Musitano's death revealed four vehicles were involved, and that he was stalked in the days leading up to his murder. The elder Serrano was an associate of crime figure, Antonio Sergi of Toronto, who was killed two weeks after Barberi's murder.

On 13 Septemberreal estate agent Albert Iavarone was shot outside his home in Ancaster, Ontarioa similar fashion as in the Musitano murder. Neither of the two had been arrested as of mid-April On April 25,Pat Musitano was shot four times outside his lawyer's office in Mississaugasustaining life-threatening injuries; he was taken to Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto. A National Post report made no comment as to the probable culprits for the attempted hit on Pat Musitano, but said that the "family's enemies are known to include criminal groups in Hamilton, Buffalo, Montreal and elsewhere, including the Luppino and Papalia crime gangs".

I think that just opened up a ripe opportunity to speed up whatever plans were underway to make a power play into Hamilton. Former Hamilton police officer Paul Manningwho specialized in organized crime, also believed that the recent death of Tony Musitano was relevant to the attempted hit on Pat Musitano. Manning said that the Buffalo mob may have been involved but Metelsky said that it could have been part of a local turf war.

Court records from a matter against Domenico and Giuseppe "Joe" Violi of the Luppino crime family discuss a claim that the Musitanos were supporting the Cuntrera crime family who have roots in Montreal and Toronto.

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They had told D Violi that A CBC News report later quoted a Mafia expert as stating that " Rizzuto 's death paved the way for upheaval in the underworld. There's a power struggle left from the vacuum from Rizzuto".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Italian-Canadian crime family. Toronto: Harper Collins. National Post. Archived from the original on June 29, Retrieved June 29,